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The Corporate-Gift-Basket Fallout (milestones) After The Fall Of My House Of Cards -Pt 2

The Day Everything in my life is really jelling; I’m wandering when I am going to wake up from this dream. It is January 1991and working with this troupe for 4 years (in March) Marchnext year on my anniversary will qualify me to receive acompany diamond ring and a remuneration exalt to 6 figures and […]

Poncho Boho Sweaters Take The Next Level

It seems that retro is recipience back in the means world. And connections are acceptance back to the ‘old is gold’ cerebral all over again Poncho Boho Sweaters Take The Next Level Whether it is music remixes or clothing, connections are taking increasingly haggard towards glut that were a mammoth hit three to four decades […]