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Dior fine jewelry is a aroma whole of surprises and enchantment. When mentioned its couture jewelry, the vocabulary rushing into my disposition are exceptional, wonderful, whimsical, luxurious, the greatest classicism combined with the greatest extravagance One pile after another, Dior jewelry never disappoints us

Christian Dior Yellow Gold Oui Charm

Oui Charm Yellow Gold is one of the uncooked and latter jewelry from Christian Dior. Featuring 18k yellow gold and diamond, the delicate voodoo spreads its distinctive glamour which cede definitely enchants everyone momentary by The expression Oui is written in yellow gold curved thread and a 005 carat proficient notch diamond punctuates the i The absolute figure is various with unique way and exquisite craftsmanship It moreover can be worn as a pendant to beautify your neck.As a cheeky and visionary communication of love, or engagement, the Oui Charm is a absolute bent to the maid you nosedive in affection with. Besides, the fee 570 for such a succulent voodoo from Dior is relatively low So if you deprivation to manifest your deep love, impartial purchase it without qualm .

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